2369 N Lincoln Ave


Are you a preschool or a daycare?

Actually, neither!! We fully believe that there is a place for daycares and preschools, and our goal is to complement those establishments in order to provide the best support system possible for parents of young children.

What age does my child need to be in order to visit Play2Day?

Children are welcome beginning at 2 months and up until the day they turn 6 years old.

Is there a time limit for leaving my child in your care?

Yes, by law, the maximum amount of time a child can be at Play2Day is 3 hours. There will be a fine if your child is not picked up promptly after this amount of time.

How does this work? Can I run my errands while my child is at Play2Day? Go grocery shopping?

Parents or caregivers are REQUIRED to remain on the premises of Lincoln Common throughout the entirety of the time their children are in the care of Play2Day. There are plenty of amenities to take advantage of at Lincoln Common including exercise, coffee, restaurants, retail, spa and more.


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